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A Good Physician treats the disease, a Great physician treats the patient who has the disease.

– William Osler

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Trained in : Medicine, Dermatology, Gynacology, Pediatrics, ENT, Eyes & Surgery.

Consultation Timings : Mon-Saturday ( 11am-2pm , 6pm-9pm)

Qualifications: DNB Family Medicine, MBBS

Patients Age & Gender :  All Gender and ages are welcome

Contact : 9889031762

Mode Of Consultation: Video or Audio call

Appointment Charges : Rs.200

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A little more about me

Trained in all Medical Branches ( DNB Family Medicine )

A family medicine doctor or physician is a medical professional that offers healthcare for a wide variety of health issues. From minor illnesses to life-threatening diseases, this doctor will be able to provide the care you need.

Something to consider

A Family Physician is much more likely to give a correct diagnosis due to the wide scope of there work.

Experienced in Online Consultation

Online Medical diagnosis may not be the same as face to face diagnosis. The Medical practitioner needs to be aware and technically sound to understand the patients concerns without a face to face consultation.

Doctors Experience

Dr. Apurva Jain has more than 2 years of experience in just Online Consultation.

Inclined towards Evidence based-lifestyle changes

Lifestyle medicine is a new branch of health care. It focuses on the prevention of diseases by changing one’s lifestyle habits. It is an area that has gained prominence in recent years, due to its potential to improve and even save lives.

Country-Wide Exposure

It is extremely important for a medical practitioner to understand the morbidities of the local population of a particular area and be able to relate with the local terms used.

Areas of Work

Dr. Apurva Jain has worked as a medical practitioner in Assam, Karnataka, Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.